The most popular traditional theater in Taiwan

Traditional puppet theater and modern puppet show.
Exquisite and similar human puppet which is interactive performance will interact with audience; The stories are interesting and easy to understand.

  1. An introduction to taiwanese hand puppet theatre
  2. One puppet for each person.

Going on stage and getting your picture taken.

Feasting on Taiwanese snack foods and beer.

Performances & Tickets:
For price information, please see the instructions on  the reservation form.


  1. We will accept your reservation within twenty - one days before our shows.Don’t order early , please. If you reserve our show before seven days , it will be too late to reply and arrange some matters.
  2. If you reserve the performance , we will provide a translator who can help you to understand stories and matters.
  3. You could ask the hotel for booking assistance.

During no performance

We can teach the quests how to play the puppets and take some pictures for free.
Please come to the See-Join directly .You don’t need to reserve and buy tickets except consume at the restaurant.
The program will be suspended if the restaurant has other events.
Please be patient if there are a lot of people.
The evenings without “Taiwan Hand Puppet Theater Show”



See- Join Puppet Troupe
interactive , amazing , joy
I reallly love the experiences here, the performance is awesome, the atmosphere is fantastic, and the food is just great!